Although I may not be a professional photographer, I do have some organization to my madness. It’s true that I primarily focus my photography on nature. But my work can ultimately be separated into four sub-categories, each focusing on a different aspect of the outdoors. These categories can be seen in the photo slideshow below. 

Nature is a beast of a topic to cover in terms of photography. That’s why I decided to split the subject up into four sub-categories: Nature, Floral, Structure and Creature. Organizing my images in this fashion will ideally help people better understand what the images mean to me. And this will hopefully lead to people interpreting their own meanings for the images that I produce.


Mrs. T’s Photography Categories

Nature— Distant (and some up close) shots of nature. This can be anything from forests, to mountains, to rivers, etc.

Floral— Up close photos of flowers.

Structure— Photographs of man-made structures, with many of them blending well with the surrounding flora and fauna.

Creature— Pics of critters! This can be either insects or slightly larger creatures.