Being that this is a website dedicated to nature-based photography, it wouldn’t be much of a photography site without a photo gallery. These photos have been hand-picked from my Instagram page, and are currently some of my best work. These pictures shown below come from a variety of different locations, in a multitude of different settings. I encourage you to check back every now and again, as this gallery will hopefully be regularly cycled with new content.

Although I prefer to focus on your average forest shots or up-close floral shots, I do like to dabble in alternative nature photography. One area of particular interest being aquatic life. I personally find the ocean both calming and exciting. So peaceful, yet teeming with life and activity. 

I also enjoy taking close-up photos of nature in forests. While many photographers tend to focus on wide shots in forests, I find close-ups to be just as compelling. There’s a level of detail that make the pictures so riveting. 

I believe that connecting with nature is one of the most important things that we can do as human beings. That’s why I find this type of hobby so important. Because I don’t think that we’ll ever be able to get as close to understanding the true meaning of life, than being one with nature.