Ashley Thomison was born and raised in west Texas, where she resided for many years before relocating to central Texas. Although she loves photography, it doesn’t pay the bills. Ashley’s day job is as a professional hygienist for Wolf Ranch Dental Group in Georgetown, Texas. She currently resides in the Austin area with her wife, daughter and two dachshunds. 

Ashley Thomison is not a quitter. She is a hard worker who strives to provide a good life for her and her family. She has dedicated her life to her family, healthy living and positivity. She loves hiking and connecting with nature (as well as spoiling her dogs way too much). 

Ashley has always been a huge optimist. She believe that there is already enough negativity in the world, and she wants to help change people’s outlook on life. Ashley believes that this website helps her get one step closer to achieving that goal. And she hopes to put smiles on the faces of as many people as possible, one nature shot at a time. 


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