Hey guys! My name is Ashley Thomison, and I am an amateur photographist! I have always had a deep passion for photography, as I believe that it is a way to spread happiness, positivity and joy! Being that I am increasingly becoming more invested in photography, I figured I might try and spread my reach past Instagram. So here I am! Just a simple woman with a camera,  capturing beautiful moments in nature and sharing my joy with you.

There seems to be so much negativity and hatred in this world today. I am a firm believer that whatever you put out into the universe has a strong affect on what you get back. If you are a negative person, then you will lead a miserable life. But if you try and stay positive, even in the worst of times, you can live a wonderful, happy and fulfilling life. 

I have always had a great appreciation for nature. I am an avid hiker, and I have always loved to take pictures. So I figured, why not make a hobby out of it! I hope that this website brings you as much happiness as I had taking these photos!